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Art of Teaching Grades 5 - 8

Grade-specific refreshers for currently practicing, experienced Waldorf teachers.

Dates: Keynote July 9; Workshops July 10 – 14
Schedule: Sunday, July 9, 7p-8:30p, Monday, July 10-Thursday, July 13, 8a-8:30p, Friday, July 14, 8a-5:45p
Registration Check In: Monday, July 10, 7a-8a
Course Fee: $ 660
Meals: 5 lunches $ 73.75, 5 dinners $ 73.75; Meals must be pre-ordered from the cafe or they will not be available.
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AOT Grade 5: Sheryl Adler, Jazmin Aminian, Justin Ganz, Marianne Gray, Christine Gruhn
AOT Grade 6: Sheryl Adler, Justin Ganz, Marianne Gray
AOT Grade 7: Sheryl Adler, Justin Ganz, Marianne Gray
AOT Grade 8: Cale Brandley, Justin Ganz, Marianne Gray, Christine Gruhn

Art of Teaching workshops are professional development refreshers for currently practicing, experienced Waldorf teachers. An experienced teacher generally has had training and experience teaching in a Waldorf classroom. Familiarity with terms and principles is assumed.

The Art of Teaching provides an overview of the developmental principles that stand at the heart of Waldorf education and inform the curriculum. Participants will feel prepared for the joys and opportunities of a new grade with renewed insight into its unique developmental phase, new ideas for classroom activities, and tips for practical planning.

The focus is on curriculum, child development, and practical pedagogy for a specific grade. Teachers who are relatively new to the Waldorf approach will receive guidance in more fundamental subjects such as lesson and block planning, and development of healthy rhythms to support teaching and learning.

Participants will receive grade-specific refreshers on the curriculum and stage of child development, participate in a range of arts related to a specific grade, and obtain tools and resources to enliven teaching and learning for the upcoming school year.

For those who are new to Waldorf education and who will be teaching in a Waldorf classroom for the first time without prior training, we recommend attending the Public School Institute.

Certificate of Participation will be emailed to those who attend this course.

For more information, contact (916) 963-4000 or

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