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Biodynamic Essential Oils: Alchemical Growing and Processing Herbs for Health

A yearlong look at the seasonal changes that produce healing properties in plants.

Workshops may be taken individually.

Presented By: Dennis Klocek
Days: Jan 21, Feb 11, Mar 25, Apr 15, May 27, Jul 1, Jul 22, Aug 19, Sep 16, Oct 14, Nov 18, Dec 9
Time: Saturdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Price: $895 package of 12 workshops; $95 individual workshops

Grow superior plants for health and nutrition – even in small garden spaces!

We will begin with dynamics and soil amendments to enhance medicinal herbs against the background of the monthly alchemical signatures of the zodiac. The unifying theme is the harmonic relationships between soil, plants, and the changing forces available to plants throughout the growing year.

Each month* these patterns will be compared to the corresponding laboratory activities that enhance plant materials into potent healing substances. We will see how – with simple equipment – the backyard gardener can grow and process nutritious and health-promoting herbs.

Processes and formulas for making stress-reducing salves, sleep-promoting hydrosol combinations, digestive essences, and cosmetic creams will be part of our hands-on work.

Laboratory demonstrations for producing plant and gem combination sprays for plant enhancement will support lectures on the alchemy of medicinal plants.

*Note – Participants are NOT required to take every workshop. Each one is standalone (you do not have to take them in succession in order to understand the content). They may be taken individually.

Schedule of Workshops

January 21

Sagittarius / Capricorn: The earth body with the four elements theory as the basis for geological formations. Topics: World-mineral-plant imagination, chemistry of soil formation.

February 11

Capricorn / Aquarius: Plant physiology and morphology. Topics: Evolution of plant vascular structures, the principle of vegetative propagation, vegetative expansion, reproductive contraction, and flowering and fruit set.

March 25

Aquarius / Pisces: Plant propagation with the three alchemical processes of salt, mercury, and sulfur, and an introduction to sun and moon rhythms. Topics: Sowing rhythms, transplanting patterns, pruning, and lunar influences on germination.

April 15

Pisces / Aries: Plant families with the description of the general flowering process. Topics: Flower formation and processes, meristem development, phyllotaxy of leaves, and Goethe’s metamorphosis of plants.

May 27

Aries / Taurus: The alchemy of salt and sulfur processes as a path to understanding plants for health. Topics: Plant sap chemistry and the changes in the metals in plant sap that lead to the formation of essential oils.

July 1

Taurus / Gemini: Methods of seed saving with a description of seed-forming gestures in medicinal herb families. Topics: Seed selection, saving, and storage.

July 22

Gemini / Cancer: Essentials of fermenting. Topics: Vegetable ferments, wine to vinegar ferments with focus on gem and plant “ferments” as health modality.

August 19

Cancer / Leo: Herb harvesting focusing on lunar and solar influences that enhance medicinal substances. Topics: Sowing and harvesting with the star moon, the moon of the phases, and the action of lunar declination on plants.

September 16

Leo / Virgo: Alchemical substance burning with methods that lead to highly purified plant salts for spagyric remedies. Topics: Principles of combustion, furnace construction, crucible choices, salt extraction, and alchemical digestion processes.

October 14

Virgo / Libra: The creation of unique composts, gem sprays, and soil amendments to enhance the production of essential oils in medicinal plants. Topics: Chelation of micro metals as a method for producing colloidal gem sprays.

November 18

Libra / Scorpio: The physiology of nutrition related to health. Topics: Experiments and recipes for the production of herbal blends to help with digestion and sleep.

December 9

Scorpio / Sagittarius: Research in herbal preparations( for health and nutrition) Topics: Head and gut polarity and the potential role of essential oils in healing.

Biodynamic Essential Oils flyer (PDF)

* If you purchase the 12-month package and miss a session, you will be provided access to a recording or video stream of the workshop.

* Participants are not required to take every workshop. Each workshop builds on the previous one, but you do not have to take them in succession in order to understand the content. They may be taken individually.

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