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Western Waldorf Educators' Conference

Intuition: The Heart of Teaching

Presented By: Rudolf Steiner College
Days: Saturday, February 17 – Monday, February 19, 2018
Time: Starts at 8:30a on February 17
Price: $295 includes all supplies and lunch on Saturday and Sunday

February Conference – Intuition: The Heart of Teaching

Intuition helps us understand the social processes of health and illness in ourselves, our students and our communities – and how our behavior has effects far beyond ourselves.

The pinnacle of working through the seven life processes is the etheric heart;  the goal of the processes is to become creative – and Intuition is key!


Dennis Klocek
As Director of RSC’s Consciousness Studies Program since 1992, Dennis is engaged in research, teaching, and writing in many fields, including color therapy, meditation, embryology, alchemy, and sensory transformation. His latest book, Esoteric Physiology, discusses hidden life forces and processes that sustain us and can lead to the development of health and renewal through consciousness.




Steven Johnson, D.O.

In clinical practice for 21 years, Steven is currently the president of the Physicians Association for Anthroposophical Medicine.  He has been a consultant for several Waldorf schools, health organizations and Camphill communities and believes in an integrative model of health care. Dr. Johnson is currently working on an initiative to re-define public health and create a new culture of health.



Nerve and Blood – Physiology of Learning:
Explore the physiological issues that are the basis for sensory integration challenges, with suggestions for building lessons that support integration of sense experiences and cognition.

The Thinking Heart – Psychology of Learning:
This involves an understanding of the human being as a spiritual entity. Suggestions will be given for inner work exercises for teachers that can enhance an understanding of human consciousness.


Leading with our Hearts into our Emerging Future:
The outer and inner processes of the world meet in the mystery temple of the heart. Learning to listen to what speaks there connects us with courage, empathy and love to our deeper human essence and our emerging karma.  This beginning of an etheric consciousness also grants us the ability to develop true empathy and the power to heal ourselves and our fellow human beings. The modern world distracts us from cultivating these faculties if we do not awaken to our true humanity and capacities for spiritual knowledge.  As we awaken the cognitive powers of the heart we will learn how to better educate and heal our children and impact their health and quality of life far into adulthood. The thinking heart unlocks the salutogenic understanding we need to create a new culture of health for the future.


Each workshop is a series of four sessions, two each afternoon on Saturday and Sunday, with one or more topics and activities to be explored. Attendees will select one workshop during the registration process.

Becoming Healers by Awakening the “Healer” Within! (Steven Johnson, D.O.)

Over the course of this workshop we will explore the process of salutogenesis, and how we define and create health. We will explore physiological and medical paradigms of the threefold human being with a particular focus on how to strengthen the forces of heart and the rhythmic system. We will also touch into the seven life processes and how we can support the healthy human being as educators and healers. In each session we will experience qualities in our own rhythmic system by practicing some meditative and social activities connected to heartmath and heart cognition. Through practical examples and case studies, we will gain insight into how health issues are deeply connected to experiences in early childhood.  This work leads to a deeper appreciation of the important work we do and inspiration to meet the challenges of the future which live within us and every child we encounter.

Teaching and the Human Subtle Bodies (Dennis Klocek)

Rudolf Steiner gives a picture that it is the life body of the kindergarten teacher that works on the physical body of the student and that it is the soul body of the teacher that works on the life body of the lower school student. This workshop will focus on exercises to experience what the difference between the physical, life and soul bodies is in human life and how an understanding of these differences can be a great aid in forming learning strategies for teachers.

  • Day 1: Physical Body and Literalness – Literalness the Scourge of Education. We will work with images that illustrate the various levels of consciousness needed to do creative problem solving. Exercises will include dyad sharing of metaphors and symbols, and the four elements of consciousness as problem-solving stages.
  • Day 2: The Soul Body and the Development of Cognitive Feelings:  Continuing with metaphor and symbol this workshop will expand on the four elements of consciousness to include entry into sleep states and the neurology of dreaming. Dyad work in problem solving will be the method for the session.

Nutrition for the Soul:  Exploring the Creative Process with Various Artistic Media (Patricia Dickson)

Intuition is the heart of teaching. Cultivating the elusive intuitive capacity is the ardent aim of the dedicated teacher.  Beginning with wonder, it can be coaxed out of the deep recesses of the inner self to leap by the logical critic of the left-brain and into the conscious light of day. “I wonder what I know about…?” If we step out of the way and allow the flow, this question can subdue the inner critic and encourage the emergence of intuitive and creative heart thinking.  We will explore with paper, color, clay, words and visualizations to stimulate the creative process that is soul nourishment for the intuitive capacity.

The Power of Form Drawing (Laura Embrey)

After 22 years of working with the power of the forms, Laura Embrey presents form drawing as a truly unique and transformative tool in the teaching shed. Learn how to develop the ability to communicate with the spiritual world via form and intuition. Come and find out the answer to the burning question of what the forms can do for you and your students. Draw and discover!

Participants: please bring your own colored pencils if you have a preferred set.

Empathy’s Role in Creating Social Engagement and Inclusion (George Hoffecker)

Sometimes our important task of bringing Waldorf Education to our students and parents in its most living and artistic way is disrupted by interpersonal conflicts among staff or between staff and parents. This oftentimes arises from judgments we make about each other, fixed positions on issues and concepts, or our untransformed sympathies and antipathies. If authentic connection breaks down between teachers and students or among school community members, division can grow and create misalignment between the school’s mission and its performance. We will learn how the practice of empathy can play a powerful role in reestablishing and sustaining connection and a sense of inclusion at all levels of organizational life. In our workshop, we will discover empathy’s role in creating connection and inclusion, drawing on Otto Scharmer’s U- model, David Cooperrider’s Appreciative Inquiry, and Marshall Rosenberg’s Non-Violent Communication.

Toward Levity in the Singing Voice (Christiana Quick-Cleveland)

Over the course of a decade, Jurgen Schriefer visited Rudolf Steiner College annually to lecture and plant the seeds for what some call Werbeck singing.  Christiana has a music degree specializing in vocal performance, and had the privilege of studying with Jurgen for five of those years. In this workshop, we will learn how to do the exercises he taught. These vocal exercises are based on an understanding of spiritual science and are inherently therapeutic. These exercises cannot be found in a book or on the internet.   Christiana will add her insights from working with these exercises for the past 25 years.

Supporting the Intuitive Capacity of the Teacher Through Eurythmic Movement (Alice Stamm)

Enlivening the Chi-Etheric-Light-Formative body of teacher and children. Through artistic and integrative movements, we will explore the mystery of the heart intuition so needed in today’s work with children and colleagues.

Conference Schedule

Saturday, February 17

8:00 – 9:00a Registration
8:30 – 9:15a Singing with Christiana
9:30 – 11:00a Keynote with Dennis Klocek
11:00 – 11:30a Refreshments
11:30 – 1:00p Keynote with Steven Johnson
1:00p – 2:15p Lunch and Job Fair
2:15 – 3:45p Workshops
3:45 – 4:15p Refreshments
4:15p – 5:45p Workshops
5:45p – 6:45p Complimentary Social Hour

Sunday, February 18

8:00 – 9:00a First Class (Blue Card Required)
8:15 – 9:00a Singing with Christiana
9:15 – 10:45a Keynote with Steven Johnson, D.O.
10:45 – 11:15a Refreshments
11:15 – 12:45p Keynote with Dennis Klocek
12:45 – 2:15p Lunch and Job Fair
2:15 – 3:45p Workshops
3:45 – 4:15p Refreshments
4:15 – 5:45p Workshops

Monday, February 19

8:15 – 9:00a Singing with Christiana
9:15– 10:45a Keynotes with Dennis Klocek and Steven Johnson
10:45 – 11:15a Refreshments
11:15a- 12:45p Closing Plenum


Job Fair

Our job fair provides a forum for conference attendees and schools to meet and talk informally about full-time, part-time, volunteer, and internship opportunities. The fair is free for all conference attendees on Sunday and Monday during the 90-minute lunch breaks. The fee is $100 per school. For more information or if you would like to reserve a space at the job fair, contact Alena at 916 963 2500 or


Lunch on Saturday and Sunday is included in the conference fee for all attendees. Many of our ingredients are organic and locally sourced, some from our own biodynamic Raphael Garden. Please note – you will need to select your meal preference when registering:

  • Regular meals may include animal protein and dairy.
  • Gluten-free options will be based on our standard meals, but without gluten products. We are not a “certified” gluten-free kitchen. If you have several dietary restrictions or preferences, please make alternate plans for your meals.
  • Vegetarian meals have no animal-based proteins, but are not vegan and may include dairy and gluten products.


The hotels listed below have established a reduced rate with RSC. When you call, please be sure to let them know that you’re coming for an RSC event. All these hotels offer breakfast with the room. Please see the
Hotels page of our website for details.

Holiday Inn
11269 Point East Drive
Rancho Cordova, CA | 916 635 4040
Rudolf Steiner College’s preferred hotel choice!

Marriott Rancho Cordova
11211 Point East Drive
Rancho Cordova, CA | 916 638 1100

Fairfield Inn by Marriott
10745 Gold Center Drive
Rancho Cordova, CA | 916 858 8680

Best Western Plus
10713 White Rock Road
Rancho Cordova, CA | 916 631 7500


Registration is coming soon . . .

The conference fee is $295, which includes supplies and lunch each day. Workshops are limited, please register and select early. Payment methods include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, check, and purchase order. With modifications or changes to your registration, please contact us at


With questions, please contact or 916 963 2500.


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