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Meeting the Middle School Child: Practices and Possibilities

Dates: November 3-4, 2017
Presented By: Betty Staley, Marianne Gray and Luisa Burgess
Schedule: Friday, November 3, 7:00pm-9:00pm and Saturday, November 4, 9:00am-5:30pm
Registration Check In: Friday, November 3, 6:30-7:00pm
Workshop Fee: $ 125;
Friday Evening Keynote only: $ 25
Meals: Saturday Lunch is included in the Workshop Fee for all participants.

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For Parents, Teachers and Administrators

Gain new insights and re-think how to have dynamic middle school years within the Waldorf school.

The middle school years are often a time of attrition in enrollment. How can schools better meet the needs of students in sixth to eighth grades? Understanding the particular needs of contemporary early adolescents can help teachers and schools create a supportive environment and challenging curriculum within Waldorf education.

Children in the middle school years experience earlier puberty, societal influences, and environmental changes which make them especially vulnerable. Using insights from Rudolf Steiner and from neuroscience, we will explore ways in which teachers and parents can guide them toward healthy emotional and academic growth.

Keynotes with Betty Staley

Friday, November 3
7:30-9:00pm: History of middle school madness; where did it all begin?

Saturday, November 4
9:30-11:00am: The Vulnerability Gap
3:45-5:30pm: Meeting middle schoolers for a healthy future. What do we do as parents, teachers, administrators, and a community to meet the children in a way that is also productive for society?

Curriculum Sessions with Marianne Gray

Teaching Middle Schoolers
Explore aspects of the curriculum in the light of middle school children’s needs through the underlying theme of astronomy.

Saturday, November 4
11:30-1:00pm: Focus on Science
2:00-3:30pm: Focus on History


Lunch on Saturday, November 4 is included in the workshop fee for all attendees. Many of our ingredients are organic and locally sourced, some from our own biodynamic Raphael Garden. Select your choice of regular, vegetarian, or gluten-free when registering.


Friday, November 3

6:30-7:00p Conference Registration
7:00-7:30p Community Singing with Luisa Burgess
7:30-9:00p Keynote with Betty Staley

Saturday, November 4

9:00-9:30a Community Singing with Luisa Burgess
9:30-11:00a Keynote with Betty Staley
11:00-11:30a Snack Break
11:30a-1:00p Curriculum Session with Marianne Gray
1:00-2:00p Lunch (provided by RSC)
2:00-3:30p Curriculum Session with Marianne Gray
3:30-3:45p Snack Break
3:45-5:30p Keynote with Betty Staley


Betty Staley has been a Waldorf teacher and educator for over 50 years, She pioneered U.S. Waldorf high schools and directed RSC’s Waldorf high school teacher education since 1991. She authored seven books including Between Form and Freedom; and Adolescence the Sacred Passage. She is currently writing a book on the middle school years.

Marianne Gray is on her third cycle as a class teacher at the Sacramento Waldorf School and was also the Middle School Support Teacher there for 5 years. She earned her Waldorf Teacher Education diploma at RSC.

Luisa Burgess earned her Waldorf Education Diploma in London and is with working towards her Masters in Waldorf Education through Antioch University, NH.. She has taught in Waldorf schools since 2005, and is currently the grades music teacher at Sacramento Waldorf School.

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