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Exploring the Outdoor Kindergarten and Parent Work

Explore the benefits of spending time outdoors with children and how everyday activities done inside the classroom can be brought outside. Also includes activities to deepen understanding and spark creativity around working with and engaging parents.

Dates: July 20-22
Presented By: Annie Bosque
Schedule: Friday, July 20, 5:30p-8:30p; Saturday, July 21, 8a-5p; Sunday, July 22, 9a-3p
Registration Check In: Friday, July 20, 4:30p-5:30p
Course Fee: $ 290
Meals: 2 lunches (boxed) included in course fee. Meals must be pre-ordered from the cafe or they will not be available, including the two lunches.
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Exploring the Outdoor Kindergarten and How to Create Parent-Teacher Partnership

What are the consequences of an indoor childhood and what can we do to bring children and our students outside into nature? In this workshop we will explore the reasons why children are spending so much time indoors and the benefits that come from experiencing the natural world. Participants will take part in a day in the life of an outdoor kindergarten and explore practical ways to bring the classroom outside. The day will include a lively circle, hike by the river, a homemade snack, storytelling, and simple craft. Dress appropriate for the weather and be ready to explore the outdoors.

This workshop will also explore How to Create Parent Partnership and Meaningful Parent Meetings: Imagine a program where families and teachers work together as partners. What would that look like? Can educators create and support an atmosphere of unity and collaboration? Educators have a unique opportunity and responsibility to create mutual trust with families and demonstrate the importance of relationships to children. The educator might consider the following introspective questions: What feelings arise when thinking about working with parents? What strengths are needed? What can be challenging? Reflecting upon questions such as these, teachers develop an understanding about their own perceptions and beliefs around working with parents. Participants will be given a user guide to support them in partnership activities, with a main focus on monthly parent meetings.

Annie Bosque is the Lead Faculty in the Early Childhood Department at Rudolf Steiner College. She is also the teacher and creator of the outdoor kindergarten program at Golden Valley River School. She completed her Masters in Education at the Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks with a focus on how to create and support parent teacher partnership. For the past two years, she has facilitated an outdoor parent child program for two to six year old children and their parents. She is the mother of two teenage boys.

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