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Summer 2017

Plan to come to Rudolf Steiner College this summer!
We have an exciting line up of classes and professional development workshops.

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Presented By: Rudolf Steiner College
Days: June – August
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Biodynamic Intensive
June 7-11
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Join us for a 5-day intensive study of the fundamental theory and practice of biodynamic farming and gardening.

Art of Teaching Kindergarten
June 19-23
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This introductory immersion workshop for teachers, caregivers, and parents will cover current research in early childhood development as well as Rudolf Steiner’s indications for the kindergarten-age child.

Public School Institute
June 19-30
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This two-week institute is designed for teachers in any school setting for grades Pre K-6. We create ways to integrate the arts and active learning into the public school curriculum, thus bringing learning to life for both teachers and students.

Little Ones and Therapeutic Movement
June 24-25
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Participants will begin their day with eurythmy and then learn the history, theory, and uses for the Little One pedagogical dolls.

Art of Teaching Preschool
June 26-28
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Teachers, caregivers, and parents will gain many insights from this introductory course that covers healthy approaches to nurturing 3- and 4-year-olds who need to move and do.

Essentials of Waldorf Education
July 1
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This is a prerequisite for enrolling in Art of Teaching workshops for any participant with limited classroom experience in or understanding of Waldorf education.

Art of Teaching Grades 1-4, with 4 workshops, one for each grade level
Keynote July 2; Workshops July 3-7
More information here
Art of Teaching workshops are professional development refreshers for currently practicing, experienced Waldorf teachers.

Evolution of Consciousness Through Cosmology
July 3, 7, and 8
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Join us to explore the evolution of consciousness through cosmology. We will study key passages of Rudolf Steiner’s work and artistically bring them to life through presentations, board drawings, and drawing some of the Seven Planetary Seals.

Storytelling as an Art Form
July 3-8
More information here
Storytelling is vital in the life of a child. It can provide security and allow them to enter more imaginatively into the content and language of the story. When teachers make stories their own and pass them on to children, deep connections are made. In this workshop, we will create a foundation of the science behind storytelling and enrich it with the art of storytelling.

Exploring Color Space through Veil Painting
July 4-6
More information here
Dive into the healing, regenerative, breathing world of color! Learn the basics of watercolor veil painting through a variety of techniques—building up a color atmosphere with successive washes of transparent watercolor, with form arising out of the world of color.

Art of Teaching Grades 5-8, with 4 workshops, one for each grade level
Keynote July 9; Workshops July 10-14
More information here
Art of Teaching workshops are professional development refreshers for currently practicing, experienced Waldorf teachers.

Architectural History and the Evolution of Consciousness
July 17-21
More information here
The history of architecture viewed as the bodily expression of our evolving human consciousness. Discover how architecture beautifully records our past, present and sets the stage for our future stages of development.

Human Being as Image of Creation
July 24-28
More information here
Study and explore key themes from Rudolf Steiner’s lectures, “Mystery of the Universe: The Human Being, Image of Creation.”

Exploring the Outdoor Kindergarten and Woodworking with the Young Child
July 28-30
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This workshop will explore the benefits that come from spending time outdoors with children and how everyday activities done inside the classroom can be brought outside. Woodworking develops the will through purposeful, creative work.


Registration is required, as instructed by Registrar

Foundation Studies
Keynote July 2; Classes July 3-8
More information here
The Foundation courses are a creative gateway into the work of Rudolf Steiner and anthroposophy. This path of discovery, self-transformation and practical activity leads toward professions that renew culture and heal the earth. Studies include anthroposophy, Waldorf education philosophy, personal growth and development through spiritual and philosophical studies, artistic classes such as painting, drawing, music, clay modeling, eurythmy, gardening, speech and handwork, human development, the nature of the human being, evolution of consciousness, and reflective practices.

Teacher Education for Early Childhood, Grades, and High School
Keynote July 9; Classes July 10-22
More information here
During the two weeks of Teacher Education, students will share morning classes devoted to general principles of Waldorf curriculum and child development and attend afternoon classes focused on areas of specialization: early childhood, elementary grades or high school. Studies include: Waldorf curriculum and instruction in all aspects of the area of specialization and other practical skills such as presentation, lesson planning, storytelling, and working with parents and colleagues.

Handwork – Focusing on Grades 1-3
Keynote July 9; Classes July 10-22
More information here
We will look at the inner nature as well as practical ways to build a handwork curriculum by exploring projects that address the willing, feeling and thinking nature of this aged child. We will have hands on opportunities to hone skills well as how to implement a Waldorf handwork subject program to a group of children.

Remedial Educational Support
July 23-August 2
More information here
The three-year, part-time Remedial Educational Support program was designed to educate Waldorf teachers and related professionals in educational support theory and practice, with Extra Lesson assessments and exercises as the foundational material. This program meets for five days in November and March and for two weeks in the summer of each year. This session marks the graduation of the current twelfth cycle.


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